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It’s that time of the week again when your feeling just a little to lazy to do anything productive, except maybe surf ebay for stuff and generally piss about on the internet. So why not try a little something different?

Today, I’m recommending an audio production of Archies Sonic the Hedgehog 195! Hit the jump for more info.

Featuring the voice talent of Darkspeeds (The Grand Ashworth Fortune), Evan Stanley (Ghosts of the Future), Psyguy (Fireball20xl), and Phil aka Vger (Just in Time), the show runs for about 10 minutes and covers the whole of Hedgehog Havoc part 1.

I had great fun recording this with the everyone, with some hilarious moments here and there on the test runs, Darkspeeds put a hell of effort into the post production side adding background music, sound effects and voice editing that truely makes this an entertaining way to kill some time, its made all the better if you actually have the comic in front of you.

I’d recommend this to any fan of the Archie series, and while some of the voice acting is terrible (aka my bits) there are some truly exceptional bits which make this well worth a listen.

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