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Now I know I’ve done SSR (SEGA Sonic Radio) here before… or at least I think I have… it gets very hard to keep track of things after a while. Where was I? Oh yeah SSR, well there’s a very good reason to listen in today, in fact there’s several good reason. I think it’s best if I just give you a line up of shows for today, (all times are UK GMT).

1PM – Blitz & Pieces – ok there is nothing special about this weeks show from previous weeks but it is a very enjoyable show with amazing Sonic remixes even I never heard before.

4PM – DJ Darkspeeds – yeah that crazy Aussie with a perpetual motion machine for a heart is back on SSR and this weeks show is very special as he’s interviewing a guest… no it’s not me that was last week… I’m talking about Mike Pollock aka the current voice of Dr. Eggman, truely this is a show not to be missed out on.

6-7PM start – Radio Redux 2009 Wrecks Factor – the last show of the season (everyone say aww) featuring the now regular Sonic fan singing contest the Wrecks Factor which will make life very interesting… especially when they get to my entry (ear plugs are a necessity). I’m not sure when it’s starting, it normally starts around 7 but since the Sonic hour isn’t on this week AAUK may start earlier in order to get this done.So that’s today’s line up… pretty awesome isn’t it? So if your free head along and listen to these shows here, or head here for the new irc chat client and SSR player rolled into one!

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