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What do you mean it’s not Sonic? There’s a tie, honestly… The authors, illustrators and basically the entire comic staff run the site Nights into Dreams, whom is made by Sonic Team, HA connection get!

So once again we’re suggesting a comic, however this time you’ll have to shell out a bit to get the full thing. Engelbaum follows the story of Imagni who can best be described as a creator, a creator of what you may ask? Well everything. The only current issue out is issue #0, basically the introduction comic, it introduces Imagni, Pendula, and the base around which both pursue their purpose on a world many of you will be familiar with, your dreams. If I’m sounding vague there is a good reason for this. The first being I want you guys to go out and get a copy yourselves, as the story is extremely well written and fairly original, for those that allow it you’ll be sucked into a thought process that will make you wonder exactly how the plot relates to you. The other reason being that the plot is incredibly deep, which will make you want to read the comic multiple times. While having to read a comic multiple times to understand the plot is usually considered a bad thing, but in Engelbaum it’s not a case of re-reading it to understand it, you’ll get the plot first time round, but it’s to see what hidden nuggets lie within the script, both references to the authors’ lives, but also stuff you can relate to your own lives.

Of course all this is meaningless to most people unless it has pretty pictures. Believe me when I say Engelbaum has not only a unique style to it, but an ever-changing one, no two pages have quite the same style, yet still mange to flow beautifully together to create a feast for the eyes, if you don’t re-read the comic for the story, you’ll definitely be re-reading it for the art. At least this side is easier for me to just show you guys.

(So basically the art is a step much higher than your average comic.)

So since it being on our Sunday afternoon slot I’m fairly obviously recommending it, but if you need more proof of why exactly you should buy it, try going to the Imagni site to see the 10 page preview and here to buy it.

If you have the spare cash and fancy something rather special, this is certainly a purchase you won’t regret. The comic’s creators inform me that issue #1 is in the works so hopefully you won’t have too long to wait for the next instalment (well certainly not as long as some).

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