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Well today has been a roller coaster ride for Sonic fans, fortunately I’ve missed most if it by being at work, but now I’m back and putting up video links, and first up is the new Needlemoose… sorry Sonic 4 video, which actually doesn’t give us that much new stuff except for three seconds of game play, but hey three seconds is better than none!

All I’ll say for now is they are really bigging this up.

Posted by Vger, Apr.01, 2009, under News, Comments (0)

I’ll make this quick since I have to dash off to work in a few minutes. This morning I was browsing the SEGA of America ftp… as I do… (theirs a lot of good media up there), when I stumbled across a document called sonic_speed_pressrelease_draft. A quick download later and I’m looking at an early draft for a press release for a brand new game called you guessed it Sonic Speed! (continue reading…)


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