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After my trip to SOS last year I’ve been resting up a bit, but I’ve finally decided to come back out of hiding for a little trip SEGA invited me along to something about a new roller-coaster and a themed room, once again I was accompanied by my handler/photographer Vger, I really need to hire someone else, his inside jacket pocket is way too small for me.

I’m Back!

Once again the trip down was a long one taking in various stations from Manchester, to Stoke-on-trent, to Uttoxeter (don’t ask me how to pronounce that one).

Yes act out your pointless lives you will all bow before me soon enough…

Upon arrival we were taken to be shown Sonic’s new ride, he always gets all the press and the girls… unfortunately my handler couldn’t be bothered to take any photos of me at this point, I think he was busy trying to get as many goes on the ride as possible, foolish human.

He did however find the time to take a photo of this travesty, go free my friends now!

Wait how did this one get in here! Ugly one isn’t he?

After the roller-coaster tour, we were taken to the hotel and given our rooms, shortly thereafter the Sonic community met up for drinks before dinner, its a peculiar habit of humans that I haven’t yet figured out.

Wait? Super Sonic cocktail? I demand you get me one now!

Hmm tastes fruity with just a hint of hedgehog.

I think this lot are supposed to be part of some sort of ‘Sonic Community,’ at least that’s all they would natter on about for most of the night.

After drinks it was dinner time, with a bit of Sonic and SEGA Allstars Racing thrown into the mix.

I see that Microsoft still hasn’t fixed their controller size issues.

After much merriment, wins, loses and a couple of games of giant connect four people started to head off for some rest, the next day was spent going round Alton Towers going on various rides, unfortunately my camera man once again failed to get any pictures of me on the roller-coasters!

At the end of it all he also brought me back a ‘friend.’

I hate you!

All was forgiven though after a little gift.

It’s far more spacious than your pocket, I’ll take it!

That about sums it up for now, overall a very good trip, I recommend that if you get the chance to go to Alton Towers then please visit Sonic Spinball the ride isn’t half bad.

Vger: For more pictures of Tails trip to Alton Towers check out Emerald Coast’s Facebook account.

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