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What is this you ask?  Why have I been distracted as of late?  Why have I been skipping out of Comics, not bothering to put together promised archs or completing things on time?  I mostly blame video games in general.  However;

The Stone Samurai (Cover)


So I wrote this novel; after much prompting from some dear friends (And Vger had made some demands as well.)
It is available digitally, through Amazon Kindle and such.  With hope, it will do well enough where I can churn out Comics; Fan fictions…oh and maybe a sequel to The Stone Samurai (cause I r planning to make it a series)

Where is that link to the store page you ABSOLUTELY DID NOT ASK FOR?!  Why right here in this handy dandy link thing —>Give me your money <—

Thanks boss, for letting me post this. 🙂
Anyone who picks it up, I hope you enjoy it as well. 😀

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