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Sorry for the late update on the lack of update, I am working on it.  Draft is done for Commiccommentor’s Question (Super non-spoiler, Tessa will be answering it! .3. I am trying to draw her more so I can include her and others in future comics, also makes me do the copy-pasty bit less), just the tablet pen died and cause I work nights, I partially fell asleep gaming Monday while waiting for it to charge.  Today I had an alarm set and I slept through it, I am sorry! D:

When I get home Wednesday I will have the comic up before I sleep!



Did I mention I am reworking MARS4? It’s the Fanfiction that features the murderous little furball and all his sadistic glory.  I am keeping to the Archie-ish theme and will have all of the works in one go instead of having in different sections, and lengthening some parts and shortening others.  I even have a new opening where its members of MARS vs Team DARK.  Keep in mind that MARS4 takes place in Reality of Mobius I have dubbed Mobius – 426, and it is a mix of Warhammer 40k, Sonic the Hedgehog and Deathmetal (and maybe too much Linkin Park).  Because of the re-work, I will be putting in Guest Appearances of the AAA Members of the Freedom Fighters (and Knuckles) as well as interactions and encounters with the B to Z Teams of Archieverses Characters.  And maybe IDW’s as well, but I am penning a definite ‘The End’ after a certain point, and maybe including adventures that happen before said End after I have finished.

In short, it may start well enough, but its Grim and Violent, and Jerry is not the only viewpoint character, and not everyone will live to see this ‘The End’.  Soon as I have the cover I commissioned to encompass ALL of the Fanfiction, I will be putting it up for people to reads.

Wherein the Comic is based on what I like to call Vgerverse, where the Great War ended 10 Years Early, before the really Gritty of the Grit starts.

On TOP of that, I have also edited my own ‘for sale‘ works, literally reteaching myself grammar and the English (which I hope you people noticed a subtle improvement in me comics o3o).  I am currently and patiently waiting for an Artist named Joe to finish up his tiny, itty bitty project called Tritone the Game (here is a handy link thing to the Youtubez) before I can start publishing more.

Writing Wise I am also collaborating with another Writer with something that features a Fantasy Variation of Jerry T. Voxholm based off this DnD Ruleset I penned called ‘The Spear’s End Tavern‘, but that may come years down the line.

And I may or may not have volunteered myself to recording game footage for something else in its infancy.

I am Busy This Year.  And I will be Productive.

Unless I’m Dead.

No. More. Excuses! D: <


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