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So I’ve decided to do something a bit different today, and write a weekly news update covering all the interesting things (well the things I think are interesting) that have been going on in the world of Sonic be that SEGA or the community, right lets get this train wreck in disguise going!


Hit the jump for this weeks news.

Sunday 11th
TSS revealed that you can get some new Sonic the hedgehog t-shirts/hoodie online from an American shop called Hot Topic, in related news AAUK was quoted as saying ”… if anyone does buy the yellow Hot Topic Sonic shirt and wears it at SoS like Brad “Slingerland” Flick suggests I will do terrible things to you…”
Consider yourself warned.

UK games sales figures for 2008 showed that Mario and Sonic and the Olympic games was the fifth best selling game for the year. I guess this means Mario and Sonic at the Winter games is a dead cert now… what? I just want to ski as Sonic.

Monday 12th
Bently Jones of Dreams of an Absolution fame revealed that his first album will be getting released in Japan on March the 28th, however for those of us who don’t live in the land of the rising sun, we will only be able to get a hold of it online CD order.

Tuesday 13th
Still on the Sonic related music artists front, the first Julien-k album has been given a release date, Death of Analog will be hitting stores from the 10th of March.

It was also revealed that Sonic and the Black Knight will be playable at the New York comic con.

Wednesday 14th
AAUK over at Sonic Wrecks managed to dig up a maintenance manual for the Sonic Spinner arcade game… OK this isn’t really news worthy I just find it interesting because of my engineering background.

A ‘supposed’ insider revealed some interesting tit-bits about the development of Sonic Unleashed and the direction Sonic Team will be going next, is this source legit? We will have to wait and see, or just watch to see if anyone gets fired from SEGA for ‘undisclosed reasons’ in the next few days.

Thursday 15th
Dean Sitton the man behind the renaming of Dr. Eggman, Dr. Robotnik for localisation purposes all those years ago has turned up on Sonic Retro forums and has answered some questions posed by fans, some interesting information here about the localisation of Sonic the hedgehog.

Friday 16th
Not one but two new trailers came out of the SEGA woodwork for Sonic and the black knight, the first being localised for Japan and the other for the rest of the world. To be honest I prefer the Japanese one, it has vocals to the music and a lack of a certain shining Armour.

To round off the working week, the Sonic City Blognik revealed it has managed to get an interview with the game music big wig Tommy Tallarico, who has been working on the Sonic and the Black Knight game, now AaUK wants you guys to send in questions to ask the man, I’ve already sent mine have you?

Saturday 17th
Nothing interesting today… come on Sonic has to take some time off.

That’s it for this week hope this has been informative, who knows I might do it again.

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