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More news from the world of Sonic.

Monday 11th
Japanese website game watch gets a look inside the hedgehog engine with plenty of screen shots which I’m sure to the game development and none game development community are rather interesting, okay I have no idea they just look pretty. Unfortunately the article is in Japanese and my Japanese reading skills are none existent so read here for a TSSZ summery.

Tuesday 12th
It’s confirmed, Sonic and Knuckles will be coming to xbox live the back end of summer with lock on technology included, but only if you already have sonic 2 and 3 from xbox live, which seems fair.

Wednesday 13th
Nintendo Power confirms a few more things for the upcoming Mario and Sonic winter games, including festival mode on the wii which goes through all the events day by day, then there’s a quest mode for the DS version.

Thursday 14th
European PS3 users are still playing catch up on Unleashed download content with the release of the Holska pack.

Friday 15th
SEGA Sammy manages to halved there losses to 239 million dollars from last year which is good, however profits were down overall with a 13.4% drop in the video games division with a lot of which put down to the increasing appreciation of the yen. While not a great year for SEGA there is still hope yet that things will continue to improve, hey at least they didn’t lose as much as Sony.

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