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It’s been a fairly slow week on the Sonic front… and yet I’m still an hour late with this.

Sunday 15th
Sleep all day, and then wake up to listen to Radio Redux and play some team fortress 2, living the dream… oh wait I mean no Sonic news today.

Monday 16th
Information on Sonic the hedgehog 201 and Sonic Universe 5 go up on Archies blog.

Tuesday 17th
Another slow news day… come on not every day is about new games or comics… just most of them.

Wednesday 18th
A preview for Sonic Universe 2 goes up, looks like this comic is shaping up to be really good.

This is an interesting one dug up by TSSZ, a fake interview with Yuji Naka appears in the latest issue of game informer where he claims he’s tried kill off the Sonic franchise. Nice try guys, but nothing can kill the Sonic franchise… NOTHING!

Thursday 19th
The Sonic City Blog posts an interview with the man, the legend, Richard Jacques about his participation in Sonic and the Black Knight.

Friday 20th
After a 3 and a half year run Sonic site No more Blue shuts its doors, but don’t fret Sonic Arena a MMORPG that sprung from the site will continue, hmm that reminds me I wounder how old Emerald Coast is now…

Saturday 21st

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