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Once again another week has rolled around and there have been some ups and downs, and some down right obvious things happening, so hit the jump for this weeks news roundup.


Sunday 18th
Sonic sighted on a beach catching some sun while Tails surfs on a new contraption of his, Sonic is quoted as saying, ”Don’t you people have anything better to do than constantly hound me for news, its Sunday for gods sake, I need to take some time off.” After this statement Sonic was soaked by a huge wave created by Tails as he surfed passed, *the rest of this story has been censored for the more sensitive readers amongst us.*

Monday 19th
Archie reveled the covers and a bit of information for Aprils comics including Sonic the Hedgehog 199 and Sonic Universe 3.

Sonic Channel updated with next months wallpaper and calender, and guess who it is? Chip! Well it beats who last months was.

Tuesday 20th
Do you know someone who owns an arcade machine? Then get them to order some fresh stock from SEGA Prize Europe who have just brought out some Sonic plushies, including Sonic (of course), Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Shadow. Anyone want to splits on an order with me and try to trick them into thinking we own an arcade?

Wednesday 21st
SEGA of America cuts 30 staff from its San Fransisco offices citing a harsh retail landscape due to the recession, and not that most of the recent SEGA games could have done with selling a little better, the head of SEGA Europe later said that no job losses were on the cards at his end of things for now. In the grand scheme of things 30 jobs is small compared to what Microsoft and EA have been cutting.

Thursday 22nd
According to the Spanish games magazine GoNintendo, notorious for putting in fake announcements about new games, Mario and Sonic at the Winter games is going to be revealed next month. IGN later confirmed this after they had done some ‘digging.’ This seems like a nobrainer really after the success of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games.

Friday 23rd
Not much of note, except for a response to claims that the music for Sonic Chronicles were actually stolen fan remixes… if you ask me(which no one has) the Sonic Chronicles soundtrack can’t be fan remixes purely for the fact that most fan remixes are actually good!

Saturday 24th
Vger finally got up and set up an account for Urtheart to post his random rantings and comics, pending Vger’s approval of course, what? It was a slow news day!

More next week.

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