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Is it just me or has it been a really long week? I guess that’s what happens when you have taken a week off to relax and then have to go back to work again. Well at least the Sonic news front hasn’t been that slow.

Catch the Sonic, catch the Sonic, catch that Sonic now!

Catch the Sonic, catch the Sonic, catch that Sonic now!

Monday 20th
Archie shows of previews for issue 202 of Sonic the Hedgehog with the return of Monkey Khan, and issue 5 of Sonic Universe both look exceedingly interesting, and only three months to wait for them, I don’t know if I can last that long. Plus theirs a brief look at the Sonic the hedgehog archive volume 11, for those of you who didn’t manage to pick up issues 41-44 the first time around… or bought the collection off ebay.

Revo games treats us with more screenshots from the upcoming Mario and Sonic at the winter games.

Tuesday 21st
The achievements for Sonic 3 on Xbox live are revealed they all seem simple enough.

Wednesday 22nd
Archie puts up a sneak peak of Sonic Universe 3, where Shadow is tasked with going after Gamma, and once again I have to week at least another two weeks before it turns up here, at least its not as bad as Australia.

The results for Sonic’s latest facebook poll go up, the question was what genre storybook adventure would you like Sonic to theoretically do next? Greek myth and legend won by a considerable margin, although I still have a soft spot for a sci-fi adventure who here wouldn’t play a game called Sonic 2001?

Friday 24th
Another Archie comic preview is found, this time though its for this years free comic book day, I just hope this time the comic actually makes it to my comic book store!

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