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I’ve made a slight format change this week to neaten things up a bit I think it’s worked, anyway have a read of this weeks news roundup.

Tuesday 31st
The Sonic the hedgehog facebook group launches a new poll asking you what theme would you like if there is another Sonic storybook game. Personally I’d love to see a sci-fi one, maybe the time machine (guess who Tails would be) or even war of the worlds fight that red weed!

Slingerland (or Brad Flick as he likes to be called now) managed to interview the current voice of Dr. Eggman, Mike Polleck.

Wednesday 1st April
Archie posts a preview for the upcoming issue 199 of Sonic the hedgehog, which I now have to wait two and half weeks for… stop teasing me Archie!

Thursday 2nd
TSSZ has had its ups and downs, but I never realised that its being going for 10 years now… saying that I do remember vast periods of time when the site was not there or at least not updating so does that still count?

Friday 3rd
A few gaming websites got the chance to preview Mario and Sonic at the winter games recently, reports from which can be found at Eurogamer (for a honest and balanced story), and IGN (well known for there Sonic bashing grr). Its also reveled that there will be more multilayer functionality for the ds this time around, so that you can play with friends with only one cart.

SAGE (Sonic Amateur Gaming Expo) is back!… well it will be from the 25th to the 31 st of July this year for its 14th show, so if you have a game you would like to show off then register for a booth now right here!

Saturday 4th
SEGA of Japan announce a bunch of new soundtracks coming to out April 8th, including the two new Sonic and the Black Knight CD’s, right time to head over to playasia.

That’s about it for this weeks news come back next week when I’ll have more from the world of Sonic.

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