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It’s been an interesting week with mystery intrigue and nipples in the Sonic community, and people wonder why I don’t post on forums very often.

Monday 4th
Yuji Naka is a busy guy running prope and such, but he still manages to find the time to be interviewed by Nintendo Power, the interview mostly discusses the new upcoming American and European release Lets Tap, but as with all interviews with Nakasan there’s always a few questions about his good old creation Sonic.

Tuesday 5th
A list of games that are going at the SEGA E3 booth appears including Alpha Protocol, Bayonetta, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, Planet 51, The Conduit and Vancouver 2010, who knows there may be more revealed neared the time/unveiled at the event.

Hackers seem to have way too much time on there hands when they appear to reveal a model of Princess Elise that has ‘nude bits’ (aka nipples). The plot thickens when other hackers start claiming its a fake, and is also later confirmed which only adds weight to the idea that hackers have way too much time on there hands.

Wednesday 6th
Archie puts up a preview for the long awaited Sonic the Hedgehog 200, and now once again I have to wait another two and a half weeks to get it over here, ‘sigh’ at least I don’t live in Australia.

Do you think SEGA released Sonic Unleashed on enough platforms? Apparently SEGA doesn’t think so with the announcement of a a tie up with Gameloft a leading developer of mobile phone games (yeah I hadn’t heard of them either), and guess what the first project is going to be, I’ll give you a hint, it has a werehog in it.

Thursday 7th
The PS3 is still playing catch up on Unleashed content with the release of Mazuri DLC.

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