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Another weeks worth of news.

Early concepts for Unleashed

Early concepts for Unleashed

Sunday 8th
Fastfeet media gets a bit of a face lift with a new look and an embeded media player including all of the first season of SEGAsonicTV.

Monday 9th
Details for this months Archie Sonic comics go up.

Tuesday 10th
The pilot episode for the AoStH series is found on youtube well worth a watch.

Wednesday 11th
An unreleased Sonic game cart for the master system, Sonic Edusoft surfaces on the Internets favorite tat bazaar ebay, however some are quick to point out that it looks like a fake, still didn’t stop someone buying the thing though.

Sonic fan site, Rings and Emeralds (yeah I hadn’t heard of them either till now) digs up some amazing looking early concept art for Sonic Unleashed found here.

An interview with teen heart throb Bently Jones is put on the German site Spin dash, a translation of which can be found here.

Thursday 12th
Sonic Unleashed for the 360 gets patched… although what it patches is still not certain as frame rate issues still don’t appear to be fixed. My guess it has something to do with the extra down-loadable content which appears shortly after, read Urtheart’s review of the new content right here. A European/American PS3 release is expected shortly as Japan PS3 fans already have it.

Friday 13th
SatBK is released in Europe.

Saturday 14th
A teaser website reveals that Sonic Chronicles will be getting released in Japan…finally. The site currently says an update will be coming April 10th.

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