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Were getting close to the end now, a real shame as well I’m really enjoying it quiet a lot, anyway on with chapter 10!

Chapter Ten – Exposition Time

“So you’re Pegasus, huh?” Vger commented “You look a lot like Dreads…At least you haven’t got any sexual nipples this time, or a hair band”

“It’s a bloody bandana!” a second voice yelled out from behind Vger in fury, before in a single move, the fox was pushed to the floor with the Millennium Puzzle pulled off from his neck

“You’ve done well, Bakura” Pegasus-Dreads commended

“Yeah, well with a moron like that, you’d be ridiculed if you didn’t take him down” Bakura-Blake replied, this time the human looking taller and more menacing than before

“Owwie…” Vger moaned “Why me, Urth?” A quiet cricket chirp echoed around Vger’s head, signifying that whoever was there was not there anymore “Hello? Urth? Urth? Bueller?”

“You cannot call upon the mystical powers of the Millennium Puzzle now!” Pegasus-Dreads gloated “You’re gonna be alone with just our evil trio of evilness”

“Trio?” Kaiba-T queried “There’s just two of you”

“Oh god – where the hell’s Marik?!” Bakura-Blake exclaimed in panic

“BAAAAAANZAIIIIIII!” a voice yelled out as an ivory-furred jackal flung himself onto Bakura-Blake, before nomming away on his head. A tight purple tank top covered his chest, with sandy coloured trousers matching the Egyptian jewellery he wore. Ahkmin the jackal had finally arrived.

“There he is…” Pegasus-Dreads muttered

“No – ya think?!” Bakura-Blake said, distain and hate dripping from every syllable as the rest of Vger’s group appeared

“Tastes of ghey and hairspray” Ahkmin said in-between munches

“Oh for *BLEEP*’s sake!” Vger yelled “Why can’t I get rid of you jerks?!”

“Cause we’re fantastic” Joey-Spin smiled

“Hey – who’s that?” Rebecca-Vulpa asked, pointing at Ahkmin

“That is my inconsiderate brother” Ishizu-Sofia said with annoyance “He’s just a moron”

“Is what he is doing to Bakura a normal custom?” Tristan-Andy asked

“And if so, may I ask for some of that custom for me?” Duke-T.A said to Ishizu-Sofia, shortly before the dragoness plunged her talon-tipped foot into his crotch “…maybe not…” he winced, before Ahkmin decided to latch onto his head too “…definitely not…”

“Ahkmin, why are you dressed up as Marik?” Vger asked, pulling the jackal off of the duellist’s head

“I dunno really” Ahkmin replied “I came to in this world dressed in this gear with those people and started talking about kidnapping you”

“Then why didn’t you stop them?”

“I wanted to see Urthy again!”

“Well he’s in that puzzle” Vger explained “If you get it for me, you can be sure to see him again”

“You cannot bribe Marik!” Pegasus-Dreads gloated “He is our pawn and anything you can try to turn him to your cause is-”

“Got it!” Ahkmin said gleefully, holding aloft the Millennium Puzzle, a visibly annoyed Bakura-Blake hanging off the end of the chain

“Don’t bloody give him back his bloody puzzle!” the human exclaimed in an annoyed tone


“Why? What do you mean by why?”

“Simple – why?”

“This is gonna take a lot of explanation…” Bakura-Blake said through gritted teeth

“Yay – explanation!” Ahkmin said gleefully, latching himself onto Bakura-Blake’s head once more

“…I don’t know anymore…” Vger sighed “Right, let’s just get this damn game over with, Pegasus – It’s time to duel!”

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September 28, 2011 at 9:37 am

Poor Blakey having to put up with a stick on Ahkmin. >.> Oh who am I kidding it’s fun. >.<

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