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It’s looking like that for the next two weeks I’m going to be too busy to do Just in Time, currently I’m moving house/changing jobs and hope to return to comics shortly, for now have the next chapter of Back to Reality.

Chapter Four – The Name of the Game

A short while later…

“”BAAAAAAWWWWW” the vixen sobbed loudly, her deck and cards scattered around her

“Well – that was easy” Urtheart smirked

“I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts!” a drunken Vger sang

“I told you to lay off the Port!”

“But…It’s lovelovely” Vger stammered

“Oh, I’ve had enough” Urtheart muttered, before a flash of white light enveloped him to make Vger return to normal.

“Aww – I was having fun…” Vger moaned “And I think I’ve got a hangover now…”

“You b-bully…” Rebecca-Vulpa cried “Y-You’re really mean…You didn’t need to beat me…”

“Well I’m sorry” Vger said “But if you decide to attack me, then you’ll get the full force of my wrath”

“But Blakura said I would win if I followed his advice…”

“Blakura?” Joey-Spin queried “Don’t know anyone by that name”

“Oh, that’s my plushie” the vixen replied, wiping her tears away on it “Got it from someone called Steve – Told me it’d bring good luck”

“Your soul is mine, fools!” the doll said ominously

“Does it always do this?” Tristan-Andy asked

“Yeah…” Rebecca-Vulpa sighed

“There is something odd with this…” Vger noticed, his mechanical skills overriding his urge to drink more Port.

Then, quite suddenly, the doll leapt out of Rebecca-Vulpa’s arms and onto Vger’s face.

“It hasn’t done that before…” the vixen muttered as Vger flailed his arms around madly, trying to pull it off his face

“Is he fine?” Joey-Spin asked

“Don’t worry – the doll’s 100% porous” Rebecca-Vulpa replied, obviously unconcerned about Vger’s condition. The fox staggered around in panic, trying to pull the demonic doll off. He then stumbled into a nearby water fountain, drenching both in the cool water.

“Bleh…” Vger spat, trying to get lint out of his muzzle “I hate water…”

“Hey – the doll’s stopped moving!” Tristan-Andy exclaimed, pointing at the now lifeless teddy bear

“Huh…” Vger said, picking it up and examining it “Looks like there’s a comm. relay put into this doll. Basically someone was manipulating it from afar”

“S-So it wasn’t magic?” Rebecca-Vulpa sobbed

“No – someone seems to have planned this. But who…?”

“Pegasus” Urtheart’s voice replied “It’s always Pegasus”

“Yeah, and I’m a monkey’s uncle” Vger said, before tossing the doll aside “Okay – first challenge done. Now, what next?”

“Cupcakes!” Tristan-Andy exclaimed, before grabbing Vger, Rebecca-Vulpa and Joey-Spin and dragging them off to a nearby cafe. However, the lifeless hedgehog doll started to beep, sending information back to its masters…

“So, it seems that Yugi fellow has encountered the first of my plans to grasp the Millennium Items – and succeeded…”

“Honestly, why am I here, Pegasus? I could very well kill you now and steal your Millennium Eye without batting an eyelid”

“My dear Bakura” the first man said, a glass of wine in his hand “Because if you did that, you’ll never get the Millennium Puzzle or the Millennium Necklace”

“Firstly, I am well acquainted with Yugi to ‘borrow’ said puzzle anyway…” the second man said “Secondly, Ishizu is easy enough to subdue to acquire her item without anyone else interfering”

“Ah, but where’s the fun in that, Bakura?” the first man sipped his wine “My plan is a lot more interesting than any plan of yours…”

“I still don’t like it…” the second man muttered

“And anyway – we do have a third person in our team…Isn’t that right, Marik?” An eerie silence swept through the room where the two figures in darkness stood. Then, a third figure approached them, what looked like a golden rod in his hands. And then – he spoke the words that sent shivers down their spines

“I’m a Chimpanzee!”



August 3, 2011 at 8:13 am

Looking at last sentence.

Wait, what? o.o

Ein Eagle Vanato

August 3, 2011 at 9:14 am

“But Blakura said I would win if I followed his advice…”

If thats who i think it is then you’ve made a certain dragon oh so happy X3

T.A Black

August 3, 2011 at 5:51 pm

@ commiccommenter: See some previous comics by EC staff members to get the reference…

@ EEV: You’ll get to find out if your guess is right next time – along with another new character addition.

As always, bring on the WMG on characters – I’d love to see who’d you think is who…


August 8, 2011 at 1:54 pm

“I’m a Chimpanzee!”
…..Oh dear god. XD

I’m loving it so far T.A, BRING ON THE NEXT CHAPTER!!!!!! 😀

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