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Today Sonic the Hedgehog turns 25, it’s hard to imagine it’s been that long. Now Sonic is certainly not a great gaming icon now but for the generation I grew up in he was, Sonic formed a bit part of my life so I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who helped bring Sonic the hedgehog to us over the years in whatever form, your efforts have helped to enrich my life and that of so many others.

And long may it continue.

See you at Summer of Sonic

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Someone asked what sort of Dad I modeled Jerry to be.

My reply?  The Best Kind.

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Well I can offer you a few steps in the right direction.

1. Get a mop and bucket out of the cleaning closet, I know I have one around here somewhere.
2. Clean up the mess you’ve made of the site; I want this to look like how I designed this place 5 years ago.
3. And this is the most important one, GET the HECK off my property before I call Urtheart in with a plank so he can make you walk it!

I hope that helps… now if you excuse me I have a bottle of port to get back to… hmm I fancy something from 1968, that was a good year.

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That’s actually some really good advice, but where should I start?

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I understand why you did this, but it’s much more satisfying to build something on your own rather than take over someone else work… even when they don’t update for periods of more than three months… huh wow has it really been that long?

If you really want to start up your own place then you should do it, I still have a great deal of pride in what I’ve done with this place even if I can’t spend the time on it I used to; yes there were long hours putting it together and building it but anything worth doing takes time and if you put the effort in you will get results. It just might be a bit more difficult now than it was when I started out.

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Hmm, I see where you went wrong, horse tranquilizers don’t work on me, or at least they don’t work any more, if you want to get me to take a long nap you need to get me blind drunk… be warned though it’s getting very expensive, this second liver I had put in is both a blessing and a curse. Now then Donnie what have you been up to round here?

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Oh your awake? Well that is an inconvenience I thought I’d shot you full of enough horse tranquilizers to keep you out for at least a week!

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I’ve been sitting on this for a while now, and now that I have a website to call my own the time is right to publish.

A few weeks ago a SEGA employee contacted me to pass on some information about Sonic’s upcoming games. Now with it being Sonic’s 25th anniversary this year we’ve all been shall we say ‘disappointed’ by the games on show and more noticeably the games announced so far are not coming out of Sonic team, so what are Sonic team up to?

My source informs me that actually Sonic team have been working away for the last few years on a worthy successor to Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 a very tall order considering there cult status.  Sonic Adventure 3 according to my source will;

Bring together all of your favorite characters from the Sonic universe; including some that have not been seen for a very long time; com bringing them into teams to defeat Eggman’s Egg fleet, or investigate a case, or find the truth of one of your teams existence. Each team has there own story similar to Sonic adventure 2 which leads to them all coming together for one big battle, a must for any Sonic fan.

The next game on the horizon or Sonic Adventure 4 is billed as follows;

Following on from the ending of Sonic Adventure 3, this game has taken a darker tone it follows a character from the Sonic universe as he has to decide which side he’s on during an alien invasion.

Interesting stuff, stay tuned to Donnie Coast for more news as I get it.

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Hello and WELCOME to Donnie Coast, your number one new resource for all things Sonic.

Now some of you may be wondering why set this up? Well my reasoning is twofold.

Firstly I’m tired of working for every other Sonic website under the sun so setting myself up as a sole trader seemed like a good idea.

Secondly, why start something up when you can take over a website that’s not been updated in months, don’t know where the current owner got to, but knowing him it’s probably somewhere near the bottom of a bottle of port.

So expect all sorts of news about Sonic; things you won’t have heard as I’ve been holding these things back until I got a website to call my own.

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The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

Warning; Words.
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