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Recently EC staff member Titans Creed decided to commission a picture of Eggman through the ages, and we now have the result.

Looks rather good don’t you think? Check out more great art from the artist Aurapandora on her deviant art pages, here and here. WARNING: Some Pony may be contained in the linked paged, therefore making them 20% cooler.

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Only one more chapter to go after this one, I’m going to have to start looking for something else to post on Tuesdays once this finishes up.

Hit the jump for the second to last chapter. (continue reading…)

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Were getting close to the end now, a real shame as well I’m really enjoying it quiet a lot, anyway on with chapter 10!

(continue reading…)

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Are we up to chapter 9 now? Has it really been this long? Anyway once again a big thanks to T.A. Black for this.

(continue reading…)

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You know I completely forgot about Back to Reality last week sorry about that so please have chapter 8 of this epic yarn.

(continue reading…)

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No I’ve not started collecting Sonic Shorts comics into volumes and have already reached 6. This is the far better Sonic Shorts animation bringing together some of the most talented animators in the Sonic community and putting together a series of funny shorts. So enjoy this, as for some reason I haven’t posted this here till now.

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Done a quick chapter count and were just over half way through this story, and it’s still f***ing awesome, once again a big thanks goes out to Ian Robb for putting this together.

Warning: Many beeps ahead.

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So yeah this weeks Just in Time might be a wee bit delayed… ask vger.

Instead we are going to bring you some art from the ever so lovely lass Ram the Dragon aka Sofia.

But do you want a picture just as awesome for one of your characters? Click the more button to find out how…

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