Posted by Vger, Feb.02, 2011, under Comics, Just in Time, Comments (6)

In the time I have worked on Just in Time there is one question I have been asked more than any other, one question which I have constantly avoided answering, the question of who Bob really is? Well today I answer that long standing question and hopefully it will explain everything, move the plot on significantly, stop people asking me about it and witch some luck leave people very confused. (continue reading…)

Posted by Vger, Jan.26, 2011, under Comics, Just in Time, Comments (2)

This week Azure finally speaks, and to be honest I’m more confused by it than anything else, fortunately I wrote down the answers in next weeks script. (continue reading…)

Posted by Vger, Jan.12, 2011, under Comics, Just in Time, Comments (4)

Second comic of the year and we discover a little something about what Sonic does in his spare time.

(continue reading…)

Posted by Vger, Jan.05, 2011, under Comics, Just in Time, Comments (3)

It’s the start of a brand new year and I’m looking to get the ball rolling with Just in Time rather quickly this year I have my reasons… which should become very clear over the next few months.

(continue reading…)


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