God and Overlord of Emerald Coast, Vger rules with his iron fist, and a massive wrench matched only in size by his ego. Creator of this magnificent website Vger pours his blood, sweat and tears daily into it to bring you great classics like Just In Time while also overseeing his minions and bringing you the latest news. Yes he does all this while looking stylish in both hat and Hawaiian shirt.
Now start praying to your lord and master!

Comics: Just In Time, Just in Time 2.0 Sonic Shorts
Show: EC Airwaves
Twitter: philvgersims



Commanding the darkness with one hand, annihilating anything that stands in his way with the other Urtheart has many incarnations, some of questionable origin, only one thing is really known about him, he seems to have a love for the female chest, no one knows why, but to be hugged by him is one of the greatest honours in history according to ArchangelUK.
Oh yeah and he’s a pirate, even has a ship, The Heartless.

Comics: Dark Light, Sonic Shorts
Show: Urtheart’s Boombox
Twitter: Urtheart



Out of nowhere (like feldspar) an artist appears!
Why the lass Nemain represents herself through the handsome chap Akhmin is unknown but the heart of these two is one and the same.
Emerald Coast’s undisputed Queen of Merch has a tendency to show no mercy when it comes to infecting your mind with sheer insanity to make you roll on the floor and die from laughter.
Nemain also appears to have a slight rivalry with Urtheart over piracy policies, as well as a bizarre obsession with bismuth and dimethylmercury

Comics: Dream to Nightmare, Sonic Shorts
Show: Coming Soon?
Twitter: Akhmin


Titans Creed

We can’t all be artists here at Emerald Coast, Titans Creed brings something to Emerald Coast that was missing until recently reviews! In conjunction with Radio SEGA regular reviews are posted on Emerald Coast, and not all of them are Sonic related. Stay tuned to see what else comes from this man, as he seems to have become the ideas man of the Emerald Coast team.
Show: Coming Soon?
Twitter: Titanscreed



What web-comic website would this place be without a disgruntled American? ValorB and his ally Jerry T. Voxholm (okay ally may be too strong a word), take on the world with a sharp wit and a little bit too much pent up aggression.

Comics: Angry Fox
Twitter: ValorB



You know what EC needs more of? If you guessed pony loving guys, then you’d be wrong, as EC now has not one but two of them! (Please! The judging it burns!) But yes, ShadowFox in his spare time also likes to art so Vger being the shrewd business man he is snapped him up at a knock down price to run the Feedback Loop an adventure comic series.

Comic: Feedback Loop
Twitter: Shadow5talker04


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