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Hmm, I a bit spoiled for choice at the moment on what to do for Sunday afternoon Sonic, at last count I have three things I want to highlight to you guys, so which one do I want to go for first? How’s about the most recent one? That makes some sense… I think.

Anyway enough of my babbling today’s SAS is about The Sonic Stadium!

When I first started looking around the internet in search of Sonic fans one of the first places I found was the Sonic Stadium, it brought together people from around the world to celebrate and chat about there favourite blue hedgehog, that was about five years ago now, and it’s still there today, in fact it just celebrated it’s ninth birthday yesterday.

Nine years doesn’t seem like much, but when you consider all the things TSS has archived since its inception its not much time at all.

From its small beginning as just a little hobby set up one lunch time at school by Svend Joscelyne … or so the story goes, the site has grown to have its own radio station SSR, a regular video cast, a forum and the Sonic showcase network formerly the sonic spriters network, which I’m reliably informed will return at some point.

In the past the site has also had it’s own fan game studio Shadow Team which closed its doors a while ago, and Fastfeet Media which split off a few years back… and also just celebrated it’s 6th birthday).

I have of course missed one thing, the biggest thing that the TSS has contributed to the fan community in all its years, I’m talking about the Summer of Sonic a convention which brings together fans from all over the word (but mostly the UK) to celebrate Sonic in style.

That’s a lot of things to do in nine years, so I hope you’ll join me in raising a toast to TSS wishing it many happy returns, and hope they have many more years of success… and not too many server crashes.

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