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Yup, believe it or not there is more than one Emerald Coast on the net, what’s more there’s two that deal in the trade of Sonic fan comics… imagine that (actually there’s 3 but ones on freewebs so it doesn’t count).

There can only be one True Emerald Coast.

So in the interests on making sure people don’t get confused I’m going to point out the differences between the sites.

1. EmeraldCoast.net (from here on in refereed to as ec.net) features the comics of Sonic Eggs, M.E. Chronicles, Sonic Pulse, Staffers, and Knux Redux. Where as Emeraldcoast.co.uk (from here on in refereed to as ec.co.uk) has Just in Time, Sonic Shorts and Dark Light comics… whenever Urth decides to wake up.

2. ec.net has a forum, ec.co.uk had a forum years ago which went up in flames after a few months.

3. ec.co.uk is run by an eccentric fox that insists on calling himself Vger, ec.net is run by several people working together to produce great comics that you should all go and read!

Right, I think that’s got it straight, so remember this is emeraldcoast.co.uk, and this is emeraldcoast.net, big difference.

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