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As some of you will know, Vger went to Japan recently, and he had some space in his baggage after I relocated some stuff out of his bags, so naturally I went along to see the sights and return to the land where I was born.

We had some time to kill at Birmingham airport but someone had some pistachio nuts, I may have over indulged a little.

Once again we had some more time to kill in Charles-de-gaulle airport, so I decided to top my fur tan, it takes a lot of work to keep it a nice healthy yellow.

Finally made it to Japan, this is the view from the observation deck of Tokyo Metropolitan Government offices, the view goes on like this as far as the eye can see in every direction.

A visit to Studio Ghibli, the giant plush is Totoro from the anime film My Neighbour Totoro, of course most people remember it for the real star of the film, Cat bus!

You can’t go to Japan without doing some Karaoke, although if your going with Vger it’s a good idea to give it a miss.

The day after the karaoke we all needed some fresh air, so we went to the imperial gardens.

The Imperial Gardens are a great place to come and meditate of life, and they have some great fish, you just have to stay very still.

That’s all for now, not to worry, there will be more holiday snaps coming soon.

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