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OK, I know I’ve not updated this project for a while, but to be fair I have been busy with a site redesign e.t.c. and ocne that was over with I decided that I wanted to change things a bit… I can never be happy can I?

Well I’ve finally settled on a new look, which is more ‘integrated’ with the rest of the site, rather than having one page for each comic, I’ve now got ten per page… and rather than start from the beginning, I’ve decided to start from 181 and go all the way to 190… I’ve shoved in the regular info about each comic, plus where I can I’ve added the previews that Archie themselves have put up online in the past… and before people ask, no I will not be making available whole issues so go out and buy them you cheap…

Anyway, I’ll be adding to this when I can, and who knows… maybe someday… I might get them all up… okay its going to be a cold day in hell when I finish this project.

Enough of my ranting go have a look for yourselves here.

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