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Only one more chapter to go after this one, I’m going to have to start looking for something else to post on Tuesdays once this finishes up.

Hit the jump for the second to last chapter.

Chapter Eleven – The Final Duel

“So, I play Police Lieutenant Smith in attack mode – your move, Yugi Moto”

“…How do I play this bloody game?” Vger exclaimed

“Don’t you know already?” Joey-Spin asked “I mean, you duelled three times already”

“Um…I mean, within the realms of this battle…” Vger stumbled over his words “That…dragon is off-putting”

“Well Mr Moto – your turn” Pegasus-Dreads gloated

“Um…I play this!” Vger exclaimed, playing a single card. In front of him materialised a small fluffy monster – possibly the weakest card ever

“Oh boy – a LittleKuriboh” Pegasus-Dreads mocked “What’s he gonna do – mock me in a pithy and whiny voice? Smith – destroy his Life Points”

“Eep” Vger winced as the drunk detective destroyed his only monster, his life points counting down as the damage was dealt

“Why did he play such a bad card?” Tristan-Andy asked

“I sense he is not himself” Ishizu-Sofia commented

“I sense something else…” Bakura-Blake muttered, Ahkmin latched onto his head once more

“Well then – I play the Overeager Fan base card” the dandy duellist said in his sing-song voice once more “Any card you play, it’ll be shot down in flames, with it being deemed ‘Ruined Forever’, particularly if it holds a sword or is a were-animal”

“Bugger – that’s my entire playable hand…” Vger cursed, playing a spell card to draw more cards into his hand. After some more similar rounds, the fox held in his hand what looked like a Japanese fan made out of thin card

“So – giving up, little boy?” Pegasus-Dreads mocked “As in my next turn, I will obliterate your remaining life points”

“Don’t give up” Joey-Spin said “Believe in the heart of the cards”

“Become one with the deck” Tristan-Andy added “Pull it out the bag as always”

“Hmm…” Vger muttered to himself, observing the many cards he held. A pensive quiet echoed around the room as he thought to himself. Then, after what seemed like an age, the vulpine duellist gave his result

“Five of a kind!”

“Hah that – wait, what?”

“Five of a kind!” Vger said gleefully “I’ve got 5 Magic Pots in a row – hand me your cash!”

“Um, Yugi…This isn’t Poker” Duke-T.A said “Though that would be awesome”

“Oh…” Vger muttered “Um – Full House?”

“Nope” Pegasus-Dreads said



“Pair of Kuribohs?”

“Please – if you’re gonna make a mockery of this, just play a card”

“Oh fine” Vger pouted “I’ll play these 5 Exodia cards”

“Heh, that’s – wait, what?”

“A head, two arms and legs” Vger shrugged “It’ll just buy time”

“N-No! That’s Exodia the Destroyer!” Pegasus-Dreads yells “He’ll destroy my lovely hair and my sexual nipples!”

“Something I didn’t want to know” Vger muttered as a large Egyptian monster appeared in front of him, firing off a large laser. The large blue beam cut through Pegasus-Dreads, before cutting into the office and slowly destroying the area around it. The entire world then dissolved around it, destroying the entire world they knew

“What’s happening?” Ahkmin asked, the other people seemingly motionless like dolls. He grabbed the Millennium Puzzle off Bakura-Blake, before kicking him to the floor and joining the fox

“I have no idea!” Vger yelled as the entire reality seemed to dissolve around them

“Vger, if we don’t make it” Ahkmin said “I just want to tell you – you have really bad breath”

“Gee, thanks” Vger said, before the duo fell into the black abyss generated by Exodia, before everything fell into darkness…

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October 4, 2011 at 5:24 pm

….but…five of a kind ALWAYS wins! D:

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