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In exchange for you guys not complaining about me not doing a Just in Time (I’ve had a lot on recently) I’m giving you something a little special from upcoming writer Ian Robb chapter 0ne of Back to Reality, a crossover of Emerald Coast with Yu-Gi-Oh… err okay this is going to be interesting.

Hit the jump for the full chapter one.

Chapter One – Virtual Stupidity

Emerald Coast. Not a place you’d immediately spot on the world map. Partly as it’s a small atoll surrounded by more popular areas, partly due to the secretive nature of its secret hoard (the full collection of the highly lethal Mina Z comic book series), but mostly due to the fact it’s hidden under the ‘U’ of the Central Plateau tag name.

The entire empire of Emerald Coast (a small beach and an adjoining house) has three main occupants – Vger, Urtheart and Ahkmin. Self appointed emperor and all around comic buyer, Vger is a skill at mechanical engineering and is one of the top two people to ask in regards to Port. Heartless demon Urtheart is a centuries-old warrior who wandered up to the Coast one day and made it his home. Together, the two lived in harmony and relaxation, only being disturbed at the request of Angelus, leader of Entherial – a multi-dimensional bastion against all evils that might threaten it.

Well, until a random jackal invaded their lives.

Ahkmin was a sudden arrival to the Coast, with neither Vger nor Urtheart knowing quite how he appeared. Suffice to say, his sudden arrival disrupted their idyllic life. With regular conflicts between Urtheart and Ahkmin ranging from who ate the last waffle and an undisclosed “date” between them, all they know is that their life would never be the same again.

However, this isn’t anything to do with that or their off-beat dreams. Instead, this was about a brand new addition to Vger’s Game Den…

“So this is it?” Urtheart asked Vger, the smug fox smiling to himself.

“Indeed it is. Many long years of hard work has resulted in this – the ultimate VR experience”

“Vger – that’s a colander with some goggles on strapped up to a computer”

“…Don’t insult my handiwork…” Vger pouted “It’s a technological marvel”

“Until you want to drain pasta for your tea” Urtheart snarked, before receiving a blow on the head from a giant wrench

“What is it?” Vger asked, looking menacing with his namesake tool in his hand

“A technological marvel…” Urtheart muttered, rubbing his sore head

“That’s better” Vger smiled, placing the wrench to one side

“So how does this…thing work?” Urtheart asked

“Extremely simple – you put on the helmets, boot up the PC, load up the associated media device and then play away”

“That’s it? It sounds so simple it can go drastically wrong”

“Please Urth – when have I ever done something really bad from something simple?”

“…Do I even have to reply?”

“That mind switch between you and Sofia had nothing to do with me!” the fox explained frantically, Urth scowling as Vger pleaded his case, the demon seemingly shooting daggers at him

“…Are you absolutely sure it’ll be safe?” Urtheart asked

“Safe as houses!”

“That including the-”

“Safe. As. Houses” Vger reiterated fiercely

“So…What’s your first trial run for this?”

“Very safe and simple” Vger smiled “A VR simulation of the Team Fortress battlefield – complete with authentic weapons!” He pulled out a giant foam baseball bat, before his face fell as he saw the disapproving look on Urtheart’s face

“Safe? Simple?” Urtheart said “I will not be shot and/or blown up for the name of VR fun. I’d be more likely to dress up in leather trousers, dye my spikes blonde and purple and say-”

“Anyone want to play a card game?” a third voice pepped up as an ivory-furred jackal strode into the room, white ear buds shoved into his ears whilst connected to a black handheld device

“Ahkmin, not now” Vger exclaimed “I’m trying to sort out my new VR machine!”

“Boring – I wanna play a card game like these critters!” Ahkmin said excitedly, showing off what was playing on his device

“Is that…Yu-Gi-Oh?” Urtheart muttered “That show about children’s card games?”

“On motorcycles?” Vger added

“Possibly…” Urtheart said “But why watch it? All of them exist in the world next door! Hell, Sofia works for one of them!”

“Yeah, yeah – but won’t it be fun to do it without annoying them?” Ahkmin smiled

“As in, without being at risk from the many Millennium items?” Vger asked

“As in, annoying them without ruining inter-world relationships?” Urtheart asked

“Have to say, they’re great perks” Vger muttered aloud “I’d never thought I’d say this, but Ahkmin certainly came up with a good idea”

“Thanks” Ahkmin beamed “I knew I was in for a good idea at least once this millennium!”

“I still don’t like it…” Urtheart muttered “I mean – that thing looks dangerous…”

“Relax” Vger smiled, plugging in Ahkmin’s device “What can go wrong?” And with those words, he flicked the switch on the computer.

Suddenly, the entire room they were in shuddered. The door swung back and bolted itself. The window blinds rolled down to plunge the room into darkness, save for the glow of the computer. Books on the nearby shelves spilled onto the floor. Ahkmin latched onto Urtheart for support, causing the demon to throw him to the floor effortlessly.

“What’s going on?” Urtheart exclaimed

“I wanna go home!” Ahkmin wailed

“You ARE home!” Urtheart yelled

“It’s gonna blow!” Vger yelled, pointing at the now shuddering computer “Hit the deck!”

The computer now was smoking badly and shuddering at an extremely violent rate. Sparks flew out of the fan vent, cables writhed everywhere and the colander helmets flew into the walls.

And then – an ear shattering explosion and nothing but pure white light…

Come back soon for chapter 2.


Ein Eagle Vanato

July 13, 2011 at 1:29 pm

*dying of laughter* oh dear, that look suit you vger XD

T.A Black

July 13, 2011 at 6:08 pm

Great to see my random story of randomness has made it here – I hope everyone relaxes and enjoys the story that’s going to unfold.


July 14, 2011 at 7:34 am

Hmmm, this is going to be interesting.
Also good job on the artwork for this story whoever made it. Lol, Vger with Yugi hair.


July 14, 2011 at 7:22 pm

Really good first chapter it made me laugh and it was most entertaining, looking forward to the next instalments. 😀

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