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Just a heads up that I will be doing a radio show on SSR this Wednesday at 8pm, rather than the 9pm I’ve been doing recently, there are several good reasons for choosing the earlier time which essentially boil down to it being earlier so I’m less tired and the fact Urtheart is back on at 9pm.

I haven’t quiet made a decision what I’m going to talk about this week yet, so I may have to fall back on my emergency back up plan (be afraid), of course you can make the show more interesting by joining the irc chatroom (you need an irc client to view this I recommend the chatzilla plugin if you have firefox) and making requests for songs/annoying me.

So listen in to SSR from 8pm (GMT) Wednesday for EC Airwaves and Urtheart’s Boombox (9pm GMT), it’s just like the Sunday SSR line up except two hours later in the day.

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