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I’ll make this quick since I have to dash off to work in a few minutes. This morning I was browsing the SEGA of America ftp… as I do… (theirs a lot of good media up there), when I stumbled across a document called sonic_speed_pressrelease_draft. A quick download later and I’m looking at an early draft for a press release for a brand new game called you guessed it Sonic Speed!

This appears to be a brand new 2D game coming to the Playstation Network and Xbox live this fall. It seems to be a standard Sonic 2D affair except with a few major differences.

1. Instead of boxy sprites, ‘hand drawn artwork’ is being used.
2. Online racing multiplayer (kind of like Sonic 3)
3. Online co-op, where it appears you can play as different characters to access hard to reach places.

Unfortunately someone over at SEGA seems to have realised their little gaf and has removed the document from SEGA’s ftp when I went looking for it again to link for this article, not to worry though, I’ve uploaded a copy of the document to Emerald Coast which can be downloaded right here!

Right got to dash to work, remember guys you saw it here first!

EDIT: OK guys for anyone who didn’t spot this, what with the crappy press release that I put together in five minutes, this is an April fools joke, and a very bad one at that, although I have it on good authority that someone fell for it.

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