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As most of you will know I love First 4 Figures… despite going through merry hell to get a hold of one of there Sonic statues, so whenever they bring out something new that’s Sonic related I sit up and take notice, admittedly this does not happen very often… or in fact ever… that is until today! Hit the jump for more!

Coming soon, a new series of classic Sonic figures.

Now I will admit these don’t look as good as the first set of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles they brought out, but its hard to improve on perfection.

Also on the First 4 Figures front is something they’re teasing on there facebook page.

Hmm I wonder what it could be? Possibly something Metallix?

A special thanks to Forever Sonic for tweeting me with the new Sonic figures and TSS for first publishing the facebook pictures.

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