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Hi guys, yes I’ve written another update already, I know, I didn’t used to post so often but this is all part of the all new Emerald Coast, which I suppose I really should get around to explaining, so here goes.

When I launched Emerald Coast 5.0, it had a very simple focus, comics, for the simple reason it’s all I wanted to do (plus a few other things that never came to fruition). Back then I hadn’t met up with any of the Sonic community and so Emerald Coast was rather insular.

Well a lots changed since then, I’ve met many people from the Sonic community, I’ve taken part in community days hosted by SEGA, I’ve been on staff at the first ever Sonic convention, and I run my own radio show on SSR (which I will be restarting very soon so keep your eyes peeled for that), but was does this all really mean other than me being a lucky ba***d?

It meant that when the time came to upgrade Emerald Coast, I wanted to get a lot more out of it than just making comics, I wanted to help support the Sonic community that has been so kind to me, so I decided to go with wordpress which gives me lot more flexibility to help me achieve my new goals.

Now before anyone asks, no I’m not turning Emerald Coast into TSS, I really don’t have the patience for that plus then I’d have to hire a whole staff and then deal with complaints about some staff members being total dicks by giving perfectly reasoned arguments as to why new Sonic games suck, never mind the constant attacks from other websites who are just looking to get there peace of you and maybe some of your hits… hmmm… I think I got a bit sidetracked here.

Anyway, back to point Emerald Coast is going to have more of a community focus from now on, I’m not sure how I’m going to do this yet but I’m sure I’ll figure something out. Oh for those of you worried, Emerald Coast will still do comics on a regular basis I’m not just going to abandon my roots… although they may get watered a little less frequently.

That’s all for now, with a lot of luck I’ll be back Wednesday with the first Just in Time for this year!

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