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Yeah I know I didn’t do one of these last week but I was busy and didn’t have time to find anything good, that’s still the case but that doesn’t mean I haven’t got something for you this week.

Yesterday I was a guest on one of Darkspeeds ‘test shows’ on technoguild radio (a subdivision of Concept mobius… or something like that), we got up to the usual antics of talking about Sonic, the economy, war etc… the chat room wasn’t helping with topics by the point we started with the economy. Anyway one of the things we did during the show was a reading of Archies Sonic the hedgehog issue 168, and guess what I have a link to?

Ever wondered what this would sound like voiced by your fave Sonic community guys?

Ever wondered what this would sound like voiced by your fave Sonic community guys?

That’s right Darkspeeds did a bit of editing after the show and put it up for download, theirs a few audio problems here and there in that you can’t hear Darkspeeds marvelous rendition of A.D.A.M. for the first half of it, but if you ever wondered what Dr. Eggman would sound like with an English accent then now is the time to find out!

It was great fun doing this, even though in the end we had to do it twice due to ‘technical difficulties’ and there is a chance that Darkspeeds will be doing more at some point, with more people hopefully so you hear less of me butchering your favorite characters, anyway if your bored and happen to have Archies Sonic the Hedgehog 168 its well worth reading along to if only for the silly improv sound effects, audio file can be downloaded here.

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