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Well another Sunday afternoon has rolled around and I guess its that time when you don’t have anything to do or are just trying to avoid homework, so why not consider the following.

Sonic Style started out life as a fan Sonic sprite comic like all great Sonic websites do (see Sonic Wrecks and Emerald Coast for more proof), however in the last year or so it has been a little dry on the new comic front after the main plot line finished up (god I’m not looking forward to that day with Just in Time), that is until last week when a new comic was published taking the piss out a certain anime can you guess which one?… I know what it is… I just can’t remember the name of it.

But Sonic Style doesn’t just do comics, oh no, the site has expanded to included media from the sonic games including images, movies and image rips from official Sonic game websites (which I find very handy), plus I think theirs a forum in there somewhere as well.

Anyway the comics archive can be accessed directly from here, and is well worth a reading, if only to starve off boredom for a few more hours.

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