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I’ve been digging through ebay recently looking to expand my Sonic collection a bit, without much success so far, there are a lot of very rich Sonic fans out there with nothing better to do… that or a lot of now very poor Sonic fans. Anyway I’ve dug up a few gems recently that I thought people might be interested in. Hit the jump to see the good, the bad and the… oh no…

The Good

statueOne of two types of 15th anniversary statue this one looking very smart with a black acrylic base, quiet rare I believe and well worth the current going rate.

The Baderr... ok

You have heard of Sonic the werehog, now say hello to Shadow the werehog, yes some clever guy has gone and defaced a perfectly bad peace of Sonic the werehog merch and turned it into something far worse. I’ll say this much, its a very good job and it seems to be attracting the bidders.

The… oh no…silver-sonic

I really really hope this is a fake, or someones idea of a prank gone horribly wrong, because this is something that should never have been created. This is the type of plushie that keeps little children up at night afraid that there faces will be eaten off if they fall asleep. Honeslty I think we have new competition for Tails doll, and I hope whoever came up with this idea (For KIDS I’m betting), dosn’t sleep well at night for all the suffering he has caused to children.Fortunately its seems most ebayers seem to agree with me as there seems to be rather a lot of these. not selling

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