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I like All Stars Racing, I’m really looking forward to All Stars Racing, I’m pretty much counting the days until it’s release over here, but this new trailer drives me up the wall (thank god there isn’t a way to embed it here). The trailer explains how too play the Wii version but I find myself desperately resisting the urge not to hit the screen, the people talking an ‘Alex,’ and ‘Jen,’ two university dropouts that can only make money by appearing in badly scripted game adverts, just rub me the wrong way. I think it’s when they do that thing where they open there mouths and make sounds out of it.

I never realised how good disembodied voice overs on game adverts were until now, please SEGA for the love of all that is good don’t use these two again, however if you mute the sound or stick your fingers in your ears and sing loudly its good trailer.

Once again click here, and remember actors have to eat too even the really rubbish ones.

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