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Today is an odd thing.  I posted the Comic a few minutes ago via my mother’s computer because of reasons. (my Desktop’s Net is being used by this short red-headed devil named Rat…SIBLING, thats the word I’m looking for…)

Anyway, I am posting this announcement that I put THIS STRIP UP  on my DAD’s Computer, which is oddly enough in the same room as everyone else.

I will try to make this a normal thing; updates on Friday.  Just whatever and what have yous until I can summon the courage, and will, to hit up another arch.

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September 28, 2013 at 3:30 pm

Ya know…have you ever tried a shirt that has corn maze for blonde’s on it on a blonde person….I did once…and well heheheh nuff said. http://images.forwardedfunnies.com/201010/corn-maze-for-blondes.jpg

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