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Just a quick reminder of the competition we’re running…

For those of you who have forgotten, went selectively deaf for the banter segments or just couldn’t be arsed to tune in, Urth and I want you guys to tell us where we should go on our summer holidays this year (not necessarily together, being that we’re from rival pirate clans…). We gave away spot prizes during the show and we have the PC games, the large Knuckles plush and the “Bewby Prize”* left for the big giveaway. What we’d like you to suggest for us could include (but doesn’t have to be all of) the following:

– Where we’re going
– How we’re getting there
– What drinks we could have
– What we’re doing there
– As an added note, because I happen to be a geologist… Bonus points for the most amusing suggestion on how to avoid the lolcano ass cloud Eyjafjallajökull.

* DISCLAIMER: “Bewby Prize” may or may not contain real bewbs.

Suggestions can be serious or funny, and entries are open to everyone (so if you won on the night, do feel free to enter again for a shot at the bigger prizes). The prizes will go to what Urth and I consider the entry that has had the most effort put into it, or the entry that is simply the most hilarious. As for the “Bewby Prize”? Well, you’ll have to wait and see on that one… The deadline for entering is the 20th June 23:59 (BST), winners will be picked and notified whenever Urth can be arsed as soon as possible after this.

Send your entries to Urth wherever – Comment on this post, PM on SSMB or Sonic Wrecks, on MSN, by carrier pigeon, find where he lives and shout at him… It’s all good. Look forward to seeing what you’ve got for us!

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June 5, 2010 at 11:48 am

– Where we’re going
If you can afford it, go to Japan. Not only get out of the country, get out of the bleeding hemisphere. And I don’t suggest spending your time in the city either, head out into the country, find yourself a tiny little inn somewhere inland and just relax the days away. You can (if you haven’t already) take a peak at the contrasting landscape to England, while Urtheart can seek out the local dojo’s and if allowed, take a few lessons in Kendo.

– How we’re getting there
Find an International Airport that isn’t shut down somewhere in Russia or even the tip of Italy. I strongly suggest you take a boat to cross the Channel by Portsmouth to either Caen or Le Harve, they both have Train Stations. There you take a train TO said International Airport and midway, book a flight to Japan.

– What drinks we could have
Saki. If your in Japan and you haven’t had any of their Saki, then your not living the experience. I know no other Japanese drinks. I fail.

– What we’re doing there
Relaxing for the most part, though I’ve already said Urtheart can take a crack at Kendo while you can take a peak at the geography. I suppose you can go to Edo Castle, but then again, you see one castle you seen them all right? If you feel like you need civilization or would like to explore the island further, see what they have to offer, I suppose you can do that as well.

– As an added note, because I happen to be a geologist… Bonus points for the most amusing suggestion on how to avoid Eyjafjallajökull.
By Boat mostly. Plan ahead in finding the air-port that isn’t shut down, and by all means, stay AWAY from Greece.

– Where we’re going
2 da countreh of repeat-by-frame cartoonz and tentacle secks, ALASKA!…I mean JAPAN!

– How we’re getting there
Abusing Tails and Rogue, make them fly yo there the whole way, nonstop, no pee-pee breaks 4 dem! Ride on top of’em just in case they try to wizz on you on da way dere owo

– What drinks we could have
SAKI! CAUSE DRINKING SAKI IS COOL AND HIP. Or lots and lots of water. Sea Water. Its cewl, its gotta be healthy in Japan, their bloody well surrounded by the crap.

– What we’re doing there
Fighting ninjaz and tentacles I suppose! :V What else is dere to do in Japanaman? Check out the scenery? PFFFFFFFFFFFFFT

– As an added note, because I happen to be a geologist… Bonus points for the most amusing suggestion on how to avoid the lolcano ass cloud.
Make Tails and Rogue fly really really low. I mean low enough that their gonna get scraps on their knees from the tree tops. On the way back, make’em swim you across.
Don’t worry. Their super heroes. They can take it. owo

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