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Another week rolls around with a bit of news here and there hit the jump for more.

How come the French get all the good promotional merch?

How come the French get all the good merch?

Monday 18th
Sonic Channel puts out a new wallpaper and calender featuring Blaze looking like shes in a bit of a rush.

SEGA reveals its best selling games for it’s last financial year, including Mario and Sonic at the olympics at number one with 4.21 million copies sold and Unleashed at number 3 with 2.45 million copies.

Tuesday 19th
Sonic city blogs posts about a rather interestingly decorated car, and suddenly I have an urge to take a trip to Paris with my car jacking kit. More pictures here.

Wednesday 20th
Archie teases us with a preview of issue 4 of Sonic Universe. *insert witty complaint about having to wait two weeks for it to appear in the UK.*

Thursday 21st
It’s a double whammy for down loadable content for Sonic Unleashed, with new levels for Apotos and Shamar available for on 250 microsoft points on xbox live in the EU and US, if you haven’t downloaded extra content before now may be the time since you’ll get more bang for you buck.

Friday 22nd
Issue 200 of Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog goes on general release in UK stores, so if your interested I suggest you grab a copy while you can.

The iphone is the mobile phone that has everything, well almost everything, now SEGA has released Sonic 1 for the platform to capitalise on the phone of the hour, with this out now and a custom Sonic Unleashed phone game on the way it seems SEGA are making a push for the mobile gaming market.

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