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Another week rolls by and all of a sudden its May? Time flies when your working, oh well here is my regular round up of the past weeks Sonic related news.

Tuesday 28th
A new patch is released for the 360 version of Sonic Unleashed, little is known about what the patch does, although there is a promise of more download able content coming soon from the Sonic City blognik, what this extra content entails is a complete mystery all that we can be sure of is that its going to cost money… probably.

Looks like SEGA wants to keep those Rad Red fans happy, (finally) with a screen shot appearing showing what appears an options screen for the lock on ability for Sonic & Knuckles arguably the best add on ever created for the mega drive. For those of you have been living under a rock or never owned a mega drive (shame) the Sonic and Knuckles carriage had the ability to have Sonic 2 or Sonic 3 cartridges put in the top allowing you to play those games as Knuckles, a real innovation for its time. Which was noticeably left out left out of the recent 360/PS3 ultimate mega drive collection due to time constraints.

Wednesday 29th
It seems that some of the details of what the latest patch has been dug up and it doesn’t seem that exciting since it basically changes a pattern on one of the tents in Holska so that it doesn’t look kind of like a swastika, which might offend people.

A few more screenshots emerge for the upcoming Mario and Sonic winter games .

Thursday 30th
Well earlier in the week we had another patch for Unleashed on the 360 now we get more download content for the 360 this time its a level pack for Mazuri, if things continue the way they are, I’m going to have paid for Unleashed twice over soon enough.

TSS got the chance to preview some early code for Mario and Sonic at the winter games, even though the game isn’t out till the back end of this year its interesting to see SEGA is trying to get the word out now, it looks like there betting big on this game and quiet frankly going off the success of the last game there going to do well.

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