Posted by Vger, Aug.18, 2011, under Community, EC Updates, Other, Comments (2)

Okay, as part of the re-design I’ve decided to put in some polls, and I thought it might be an idea to do a poll to decide a small part of Emerald Coasts future. So the first EC poll is: What theme do you want to see next on EC?

Easy enough question but the options aren’t so clear, so choose away, polls close next Thursday and I will put together the next theme based on the results. to vote, go to the bottom of the sidebar.

Posted by Tails, Feb.15, 2010, under Articles, Community, Other, Comments (0)

After my trip to SOS last year I’ve been resting up a bit, but I’ve finally decided to come back out of hiding for a little trip SEGA invited me along to something about a new roller-coaster and a themed room, once again I was accompanied by my handler/photographer Vger, I really need to hire someone else, his inside jacket pocket is way too small for me.

I’m Back!
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