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Project Phoenix is back, this time, to celebrate the upcoming release of the new Sonic Stadium Music Adventure album, Phoenix talks to Jeff McDonnell (Vizard Jeffhog) and Bev Wooff (Rexy/Freqrexy) about the previous album and parts of the upcoming release.

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We have a special treat for you this afternoon, straight from the great video archives of our partner’s in crime over at Sonic Wrecks, we have a very special video, Cooking with Vger!

In my defence we had actually spent two hours trying to light the BBQ, which I spent drinking so by the time filming started… yeah.

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I have just learned one of my favourite music artist’s at the moment, has just done a Sonic remix, and I just had to share.

While your listening to this why not check out other work from The Aviators.

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Well you had part one a few days ago, now enjoy part two of the interview with the Sonic Stadium founder Svend “Dreadknux” Joscelyne.

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I wondered if when we would see this, TSS after all is pretty much the biggest fan site out there and has been at least partially responsible for a lot of the good work that has come out of the community and SEGA collaborating, so enjoy part one of the interview with TSS’s founder Svend “Dreadknux” Joscelyne.

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It’s very rare that we get a focus on none English speaking Sonic fan-sites so today enjoy a look of Sonic Paradise the place to go if you a Spanish speaking sonic fan!

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This week enjoy part two of the community spotlight focusing on Sonic Wrecks.

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Well it’s finally arrived the community spotlight with Sonic Wrecks, so join Titans Creed as he chats with the staff of the site that prefers there hedgehogs black and red.

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Well SAGE has been and gone for this year… wait what the heck is SAGE? SAGE for the for those that don’t know is the Sonic Amateur Gaming Expo where fans show off there fan game creations (or a book keeping software, don’t ask how I know that). Most of the time these expos can consist of some truly innovative and entertaining ideas for games to some awful pieces of s**t that should never see the light of day, ( I’m afraid the latter is true more than the former). Anyway I’m getting side tracked (that may be Port related) SEGA Driven esteemed collogue in the Sonic community and affiliate of Emerald Coast has put together a video showing off some of the best of this years SAGE so watch it… NOW!

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The community spotlight is back this time highlighting Jamie Egge Mann and Tanner Bachnick, otherwise known as Discoponies and Tanner, who you all will more vastly know, as the folks at The Sonic Show.


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