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Well this weeks community spotlight is a rather controversial one, with everything TSSZ has been involved in over the years, but it’s still worth a listen.

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Oh yeah, I’m actually attached to some sort of Sonic site now, so I can post this sort of stuff.

Popped down to Portsmouth to meet up with a few people and, as we’re all in the Sonic Community, the conversation moves to Sonic.  After a few hours of non video talking, we then decided to record ourselves and see what happens.  This is what happens.

None of this is to be taken seriously, just enjoy it as a bit of random entertainment for the next half an hour.  Mild Swearing. Thanks to Sonic Wrecks for recording.

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Okay I’m a little behind schedule on this for which I apologise, but my mind has been elsewhere.

This weeks community spotlight is none other than John Finely the ‘loveable’ Scottish fan who has run Turbo Drive live for god knows how long now… lets just say since time began. So have a listen below.

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Over the last year we have had a few classic/modern Sonic compilation art pieces from the community, and today I thought I’d show off one of them that recently came to my attention.

It’s from Darknoise long time Sonic fan and artist for Sonic the Comic online, this one actually ended taking the better part of a year to finish. What’s even better is you can actually buy a limited edition print of this, so if you want to help a Sonic fan out head over to Dark Noise Studios for more info.

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Another week, another sonic/pony mash up, this time from Mushroom Hill and Pinkie Pie.

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Well it’s time once again for another community spotlight where members of the SEGA/Sonic community are interviewed, and this time it’s a very special one as well the spotlight is on Emerald Coast! So please have a listen as Nemain, ValorB, Shadowfox and myself recount our crazy journey with EC.

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Another week, another Sonic/pony music mash-up for you to enjoy, and before you ask no I’m not running out of these!

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Today’s Sonic and Pony mashup was actually suggested by regular EC commenter Tailsfox88, and is pretty damn sweet.

Hmm 4 posts of this pony stuff and Vger still hasn’t done anything to stop me, hmm I wonder what else I can get away with? Suggestions welcome!

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The latest community spotlight video has just gone live, this time it’s an interview with Sonic Yoda, the founder of SEGA Driven and long time friend of EC, so have a listen in the video below.

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Yes more Sonic and Pony stuff, this time it’s a mix with This Day Aria (the best song from the show) and The Doomsday Zone from Sonic 3 and Knuckles well worth a listen. Wow Vger is really wearing down, with everything going on I pretty much have free reign most of the time, and who said having multiple personalties was boring?


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