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Ladies, Gentleman, Twitter-People,
May I present you,

Bottom of the Barrel

Chapter 3 ) The Mission Equipment

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Ladies, Gentleman, Akhmin.
May I present to you;

Bottom of the Barrel
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My tablet pen broke as it heroically jumped in the way of an 18 Wheeler attempting to crush a butterfly.

Tragically neither of them made it.
Warnings. WORDS. 😀


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Hi folks, sorry I haven’t been about for the last week or so, work packaged me off to a foreign land for a bit, but I’m back now and I have some bad news.

The main PC I work from at home gave out a week ago (hard drive failure) and unfortunately it had a lot of data on it related to EC and for producing comics which I hadn’t backed up recently. I can get most of the data back given time (along with a new PC, yay surprise expense!), plus I have various trips coming up which I still need to sort out so my time for sorting things is limited, but I do hope to have everything sorted around mid-august, I hope.

In the meantime I thought it best to put EC on hiatus for a bit, I may update from time to time if something interesting comes up.

So I’ll just leave you by saying have a great Summer!

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I’ve been neglecting the site a bit lately except for Just in Time 2.0 but even that has been spotty, but I’m trying to get back into the flow of things, first on the updates list, I’ve updated the Sonic the hedgehog Archie archives with issues 240245, enjoy!

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*TAP* *TAP* is this thing on? It is? Oh good!

Hi folks, it is I your charismatic emperor Vger… just role with it.

It’s a new year and I thought it would be a good idea just to let folks know that EC is not dead, yet. Quiet the contrary in fact, as long as we keep the doctors away from the corpse they can’t call time of death, the vultures however, well let’s just say I’m running out of ammo.

I digress, EC will continue this year (partly because I just paid for another years hosting), which means that Just in Time 2.0 will also continue (starting from next week). Now with regards to the rest of the site, that’s where things get a little more iffy, my work took a lot out of me last year, to the point where I had little or no will to put anything into EC and if it continues that way this year, then I don’t know how well I can carry on with EC, at the end of the day I’ve got to keep the roof over my head.

For now I’m relaxed and refreshed, I’m going to be see how things go more than I normally do with EC with regards to everything else.

Thanks to everyone for continuing to visit, and I hope you enjoy 2013.

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Well I’ve been busy scurrying away and have update the Sonic Universe archives with issues 3743 for you to enjoy. Expect more soon.

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Just a quick update to you folks that I’ve updated the Archie comics archive with issues 233 to 239

Expect more updates in the coming weeks.

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Well it’s time once again for another community spotlight where members of the SEGA/Sonic community are interviewed, and this time it’s a very special one as well the spotlight is on Emerald Coast! So please have a listen as Nemain, ValorB, Shadowfox and myself recount our crazy journey with EC.

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It’s time to add a new contestant to the ring! Not that EC is a contest… or even a ring for that matter, but otherwise the analogy stands up just fine!

Today I’d like to announce that we a new member of staff has been added to the crazy, actually you have been seeing his work for a while now on EC, first with a guest comic (warning may contain pony… and Akhmin), and more recently with his work on Feedback Loop.

So can we all give a very warm welcome to ShadowFox the pony loving maniac (yay another one!) who will be taking the reigns of Feedback Loop, as I suck at getting updates out in a timely fashion.


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