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Time to renew the weeks poll for something fresh, and this week I thought I’d ask something a bit closer related to current events. Namely, What version of Sonic game do you prefer to buy? i.e. are you one of these people who will hunt down a special edition like this little gem, or do you prefer the normal bog standard edition?

Your option are:
Special Edition with Super Rare Merch
Game with Exclusive Download codes
Game with random gift
Just the Game

Vote in the usual place on the right hand side. And hit the jump for last weeks results. (continue reading…)

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Well last week I announced the results of the theme poll for Emerald Coast, it was a tie, between Mecha Madness and Tortured Soul. Well I now deliver on the first part of that result with the brand new Metal Sonic (and friends) theme, enjoy!

Themes for Emerald Coast can be changed from the top of the nav panel on the right hand side of the page. Coming soon Tortured Soul.

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It’s Thursday so time to swap over the polls, and this weeks question is, Which Sonic game style do you play the most? It seemed a little too easy to say which you prefer, I Just want to see which one eats peoples time the most, therefore giving them the best longevity.

Your options are:

Big budget: Colours/Generations (you can include Secret rings etc in here as well)

Side Scrollers: Sonic 4/Rush (oh and lets not forget Sonic 1, 2, 3 etc)

Racing: Riders (Allstars racing, drift, Sonic R)

Card Collecting: Sonic Tweet (or puzzle game i.e. Sonic Shuffle)

Vote now in the right hand nav bar! Last weeks results after the jump! (continue reading…)

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I thought I’d keep this weeks poll simple, which do you prefer, the Archie of Fleetway Sonic comic series? And for those of you who prefer neither then I’ve provided an option for you. What can I say I’ve got comics on the brain at the moment.

Now for last weeks poll results, right after the jump.

(continue reading…)

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Okay, as part of the re-design I’ve decided to put in some polls, and I thought it might be an idea to do a poll to decide a small part of Emerald Coasts future. So the first EC poll is: What theme do you want to see next on EC?

Easy enough question but the options aren’t so clear, so choose away, polls close next Thursday and I will put together the next theme based on the results. to vote, go to the bottom of the sidebar.

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I’ve been busy the last few days tweaking things moving bits around, adding widget functions… believe me that’s harder than it sounds. Well you can see the results now, I’m looking at updating various pages over the next few days to reflect recent changes, and I may still tweak a little more here and there, but for now I’ll just say welcome to Emerald Coast 6.4.

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Just a quick note to all the regular visitors to EC, I’m going to be tweaking things a bit over the next week or so. so don’t worry if some things go wrong, hopefully things should go smoothly and you won’t notice any of the changes… well okay I’d hope you would notice a few.

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Emerald Coast doesn’t need to advertise for positions, people just appear out of no where to fill roles we never thought were needed, handy isn’t it?

I’d like to take a moment to introduce the latest member of the EC team, Titans Creed. He will be taking on the role of reviewer in conjunction with his work on Radio SEGA, however he will not just be limiting himself to Sonic related items as has generally happened on EC in the past, but take a broader view of games and SEGA in general.

I hope you’ll all join me in welcoming Titans Creed to the team, and look out for more new staff arrivals in the near future.

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Well I think I’ve managed to eliminate the last of the pony infestation, and update the site look a little too, what with it almost Sonics 20th birthday the time seemed right for a little house cleaning, and don’t think I’m done yet, I have a few more surprises in store.

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EDIT: Correction show starts 11 am not pm, Urth brain no work.


Friday for us UK lot is a bank holiday. Why? Because it’s a glorious day where our nations is able to celebrate a new married royal couple.

Well with Vger being Royalty himself, myself a Cornish lawless and not so patriotic pirate, and Nemain being on the run from an Aslymn, none of us are really going to pay attention to the Royal Wedding. As such there will another all day livestream from Urtheart’s Boombox Livestream starting from 11am UK time with myself as your host. We’ll try and get a few other peeps in for convo at certain points in the day but we’ll have a whole day of drawing and some gaming for you, along with a requesta festa full of music.

So just in case you get bored of the Royal Wedding… y’know just, tune in and we’ll do our best to entertain!


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