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Few changes to the affiliates board today, first off I’d like to welcome Concept Mobius, an amazing site bringing together the most comprehensive information on the Sonic franchise out there, although I’m a big fan of there analysis of the Sonic community.

Next Fastfeet media is no more, aww, now it is SEGA Media which is looking very sharp.

Okay that’s about it for now, if you want to affiliate with Emerald Coast check out the rules here.

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I’m late. Again. But it’s worth it, right?

The 13th part of DtN: Vger’s Dream is now live. Now with 100% more cliffhangers!

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Just a friendly reminder to all out there (not that you needed reminding as I am sure all of you have taken the necessary precautions against the madness already, such as FLEEING THE INTERNETS) that The Great EC SSR Clusterbuggery ™ is tonight at 9pm GMT, right after Turbo Drive Live. To tune in, simply go here and click on Listen, or join us in the SSR Java chatroom accessible from the SSMB boards at the top right of the page.

Some of you may have noticed that I tend to update DtN around about now on a Friday. Unfortunately despite me starting the comic last Friday, I have not worked on it since and it remains unfinished as the time before I travel up north diminishes ever more quickly… If possible, I will attempt to finish it before the show and may well give the IRC first dibs on seeing the new comic if they nuke Scotland in my absence. For now, have a preview sketch. What’s going on? Wouldn’t you like to know…


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I think someone needs to run a virus check on Omega…

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OH DEAR LORD. Urth, Vger AND Nemain in the same show? GOD HELP US ALL.

Yes. It’s that time of year. Screw Bonfire night, stuff Halloween, bugger it to Christmas… No-one cares about any of you. It’s time for an EC Airwaves special edition show featuring all of the site crew. This orgy of craziness is bound to make you laugh till you cry… Or just cry out of fear for your sanity. One or the other.

What’s the plan, I hear you all bay loudly? Well, as most of you will know from the IRC, where there’s a Nemain there is no plan… Random things happen, like Scotland detaching from England and the space-time continuum exploding. While we don’t want to give away the broad spectrum of things in store for you (and to be fair, Vger’s planning something he ain’t telling either of us two lackeys), you can expect the following things to happen:

Competition time!

Yes, we have a competition or two up our sleeves. As well as launching a larger competition on the show, we will be giving out spot prizes on the night too. Tune in for more details and to possibly win yourself some merch!

Live action Dream to Nightmare!

Yes, the EC crew shall be filling their respective roles and will be acting out classic scenes from the ever insane Dream to Nightmare: TSS vs EC arc. This will not end well…

Ask the EC crew!

Have you ever had a burning question for us that just won’t go away? Ever wondered if Vger really is an alcoholic? Wonder where Nemain gets her ideas for DtN from? Post your questions in the comments below and we’ll answer them on the show! If you think of something on the day we’ll be keeping an eye on the IRC too – Don’t be shy, ask away!

All this and much more, including random music and the ongoing dispute between Nemain and Urtheart about who the superior pirate is… Will the score ever be settled? Who knows? Who cares? It’s bound to make for insane listening. You can expect this clusterbuggery of madness at 9pm GMT on Friday 5th November, immediately after Turbo Drive Live. Tune in, or else angry AAUK will eat your face.



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Just a heads up, this last weekend I’ve been busy scurrying away, bringing the Sonic Colours Artwork, Wii and DS screen shots up to date… I think I got them all.

Oh and as an extra note I forgot something on the Sonic X archives, the preview pages, I now have all the ones I have archived up on the site, that doesn’t cover every issue, but to be honest I don’t think anyone will notice, now I’m just going to try and forget that section of the site even exists, for my own sanity.

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Hmm I sense a politically charged comic.

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I’m done! I can finally lock these issues away again and pretend the whole series never happened, I suggest you all do the same as well, but only after you have had one last look, just to remind yourselves why. Saying that, the last ten issues contains the best issue by far, that would be issue 40, no on because it’s the last one but it is a good reason none the less. Issue 40 is the best by far as it just points out how ridiculous the whole series has been by inserting Shadow from the Archie universe into it and having him react to the world.

Hmm, I can’t seem to shake the feeling I’ve forgotten something though, oh well I’m sure it’s nothing important.

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Coming very soon from archie.

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For the last few months there has been one part of the site that has been rather neglected, the game archive page was just a list of Sonic games that have come out over the years, that is until today.

Today I’d like to announce the addition of Sonic Colours to the Games archive page, the first of what I hope to be many such pages once I’ve finished refining the layout a bit more. I am however not just stopping there, I’ve also added a Sonic Colours section to the official artwork page and created a screenshots section where you can now find screens from both the DS and Wii version of the game.

Not only this but I’ve created a little widget for Sonic Colours as a kind of quick nav to all the relevant sections for the game, to much there now but I am planing on adding more soon.

So to summarise, game section now open, new official artwork, new screenshots, and funky new widget thing, overall not too bad as a product of the bank holiday weekend.


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