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Ok so this has nothing to do with Emerald Coast or Sonic…

or even the Sonic Community…

but it is important!

Every other year in the UK, a special charity called Comic Relief holds a national event called Red Nose Day, in which people do something to raise money for the charity to help fund projects in both Africa and the UK to help save lives. As boring as that part might sound over it here it is treated like a national holiday, Schools tend to have reduced lessons or more fun lessons in order to hold fun events, work places tend to let you wear something completely wacky, and of course you get to wear a Stonking great red nose

This year it is on Friday March the 13th, for those of you complaining that it’s out on the same day as RE5, that’s still out the next day, this isn’t.
If you don’t live in the UK you can still join in. Ok you can’t buy stuff, but plenty of websites and stuff nearer the time will be doing stuff (hopefully) or you can try and raise a bit of dosh on your own and send it to someone who does live in the UK to donate it. Doesn’t matter how big or small amount you make.

As Simon Pegg and Nick Frost said in the video above, this year’s theme is “do something funny for money” which is great since it gives you loads of scope to do stuff. At the moment me and Vger ain’t got a clue what we are going to do, but most likely you’ll get a special comic from me, but maybe we might let you guys join in and help us.

If you want to know more about the of red nose day go to the Red Nose Day Site and more importantly if you do live in the UK Buy a nose either online, or at your local Oxfam or… *sighs* Sainsbury, I’ve got one… somewhere, might buy another if I can’t find it. Also tune into the TV show on the day itself for rather entertaining comedy (in previous years they have had exclusive Doctor Who episodes, like when Rowan Atkinson was the doctor) and stay tuned here in case we think of something to get you guys involved regardless of where you are.


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