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First and foremost, my personal opinion does not mean everyone on this site, or its affiliates share it.
But after hearing people weigh in on the whole Sonic BOOM and seeing people either praising or demanding heads on a stick; I decided it was time to pass on a fair warning to the publisher who has found themselves in the steely gaze of the Sonic Community.

I am a proud member of a Community who are paranoid, hostile and notorious of being volatile and unpredictable.
The SEGA Community.
We are a Community that has many other Communities within its ample borders, and we fight, squabble and war amongst each, vying to get our chosen IP’s noticed so we can see them brought back or further their glory. We tear at each other so vehemently that we make the Warring States Era in China look like a group of farmers arguing over the price of rice.
One of these groups are a feral bunch of people who I am also a very, PROUD Member. Unless of course we are talking about the Rule 34 bunch, then I deny their existence entirely.
We are a wary group. A watchful group, we go mad over the slightest discoloration of the oculars of a particular character right down to foaming at the mouth Warhammer Inquisitorial RAGE over larger changes.
Like sports tape and steroid abuse.
We are the Sonic Community. We are already suffering from an incident within the Comics, the only real source of cohesive…and I use that loosely…plot and story. Someone, who does not need to be mentioned by name within our realm, ‘saved’ something from Archie by taking the comic plot, and shooting it in the foot in front of a hungry lion.
I exaggerate of course, he stabbed the series plot so hard in the foot with an ink pen he severed it at the ankle.
Then he left it in front of a half starved, man eating lion.
That is of course, my personal opinion, a view shared by some I would suspect. Archie is as much to blame as he is. But the Community still blames him.

They. Blame. Him.

Take a look. Archie is still churning comics; and the nameless savior is struggling to get a new project off the ground.
Having years of plot, story and character development just tossed right out the window and into the path of a speeding truck carrying a load of rocket fuel in an instant before catching fire, the Sonic Community did not respond well to this ‘savior’ and his form of ‘saving’.
We are, at the moment, nursing our feels over the incident, so you can imagine why we took the Welcome Mat off the front door.

Now about your Sonic BOOM franchise?
Ah Yes. There was another gaming company, high marks for what they have done in the past. GearFAUX I think it was called. They went on about how much they wanted to do this or that with the IP they had been blessed with. In fact, they seem to have spent more money on the developer blogs in talking about it then they actually did it.
They passed it off to ANOTHER company that many of us did not even know existed until there they were in the list of developers who had their mits on it. In the end, GearFAUX shat in a box, and passed it off without looking in to see if they left us peanuts, then slapped ALIENS : Colonial Marines on the Cover.
I am not going into further detail, but in all appearances they spoiled an IP and then went about promoting their own with the money they were provided saying LOOK IT AT THAT.  THAT WORKS.  PLAY OUR GAME.
Since the ALIEN Community shares the same roof with the lot of us here in the Sonic Community, we all smelt the results of someone ‘loving’ their IP waifing beneath the door. Of COURSE Uncle SEGA wouldn’t do that with So-
…wait….who the hell is THAT with the Blue Blur now?!
We allowed the gits who have blundered and bumbled with OUR IP for years and forgiven them because we know they mean the best. We know their target audiences isn’t our age group but we’re okay with that. We still play their games into the ground even if its a horrid mess of stupid or even if they are way to freaking happy. This isn’t a mature game for mature people AND WE’RE OKAY WITH THAT.
We know SEGA and the Sonic Team and we trust them. God knows WHY, but we trust THEM. However, just because Uncle SEGA let you into our bickering borders doesn’t mean the Community itself is ready for someone other than the Sonic Team to run amok on Mobius.
It does not matter if its not canon. It does not matter if it has nothing to do with what little left of the story elements we have or even understand.
All that matters is two things.
One, Chris Thorndyke better be dead.
Two, you better treat the Chili-Dog loving Hedgehog right.
Because out there you’re an awesome developer with your list of award winning games and revolutionary designs and interesting stories.
But in the Sonic Community? In here, we don’t know you.
Tread Lightly.

– Michael “ValorB’ McKenzie.

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