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Let’s keep this weeks poll nice and light shall we? The question this round is Who is your Favourite hedgehog character that isn’t Sonic?

Your options are: Shadow, Silver, Amy, and… that’s it, I’m keeping it to the core franchise on this one. Oh last weeks results after the break.

Last weeks poll was:  Which Sonic are you looking forward to playing as the most in Generations?

And rather surprisingly the classic fans didn’t fire bomb the poll to weigh it in one direction in fact Classic got the least amount of votes with 5. Modern came in second with 9, but the runaway victor was both Sonic’s equally, with 18 votes. What dies this tell us then? That SEGA can make a classic or modern game… just make sure it’s actually half decent.


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September 23, 2011 at 7:11 am

I vote on amy. More or less always was… nuff said

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