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Mortimor learns what it means to be a true, MMO Hero! Also, the start of a mini arch. TO BAD PEOPLE YOUR STUCK WITH MY STUPID .3.

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So, today's strip reveals two things. 1) I WILL NEVER BUY GEARBOX SOFTWARE AGAIN. 2) I hear voices in my head, they comfort me they understand, they talk to me... >w> Read below for Context! :V (continue reading...)

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Today is an odd thing.  I posted the Comic a few minutes ago via my mother's computer because of reasons. (my Desktop's Net is being used by this short red-headed devil named Rat...SIBLING, thats the word I'm looking for...) Anyway, I am posting this announcement that I put THIS STRIP UP  on my DAD's Computer, which is oddly enough in the same room as everyone else. I will try to make this a normal thing; updates on Friday.  Just whatever and what have yous until I can summon the courage, and will, to hit up another arch.

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Lets not go into WHY it took me a hell of a long time to put anything up. I blame mostly my Video Game addiction.  Mostly. Next, I am canceling that long arch I was promising.  Again, I'm not getting into it. We'll chalk it up to Technical Difficulties and leave it at that, otherwise I'll just keep putting words here and ruin my rather random idiom on this site. A question is answered on this strip that someone may or may not have asked; whatever happened to Brian from Just in Time 1?

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Firstly, I want to apologies again for the lack of updates from me. (continue reading...)

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A classic AF strip that my Dad really thought was funny.  Please note that Jerry looks more like a pug then he does a fox. Also a good comparison on my slowly growing skill...that I supposedly have. :V For future references, I am NOT a fan of Mickey Mouse, and may never have heard of Hannah Montana until Darren asked that question.  Seriously.  I was a complete shut in; if it wasn't Warhammer (either fantasy or 40k); Aliens; or Sonic related...I really didn't care. 83

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In short; The tablet I draw on is encountering errors on the laptop when I plug it in.  So its either my tablet or my laptop; both are too expensive for me to replace with the fact that my finances are in the toilet.  Don't worry about me folks, I'm not starving and my 'house' has wheels. 🙂 I am working on TWO Projects with Jerry.  One includes the entire EC Staff in the Comic Arch I am calling "Basements and Critters," a Dungeon and Dragons SLASH Warhammer Fantasy Parody wherein the very talented writer TheRandomGenius has inspired the arch with his awesome fanfiction wherein Vger and Urth find themselves in Yu-Gi-Oh's Universe. The other is a Fan Fiction Story called MARS4.  A Fanfiction because it is set in Sonic's World; right after the 'Civil War' and the Kingdom of Acorn became a Republic...but has absolutely NOTHING to do with Sonic the Hedgehog; or any of the Franchise Characters. Also; Classic AF Strips CLICK THE THING FOR DETAILZ (warning words). (continue reading...)

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Two Strips within a WEEK?!  And a blatant reference to a beloved Cartoon Show?! WHAT MADNESS IS THIS?! (continue reading...)

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First and Foremost; we learn that I can also use obscure references to things no one else reads! (wub u boss o3o ) On to NEWS. . . below. (continue reading...)

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  I have said it once before, I will say it again; Jerry will do anything for a Cigarette.   Plus, another strip with the Famous Interwebs Celebrity Balthamos . . . . . . I sowwie? :3


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