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In Black and White. .3. It also dawned on me that I did not post an update the last time I did post an update.  So here is a link for the update of that update in this update. Do you like updates with your updates? GOOD NE-*wrenched*

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With the combination of my job (19 days before I get 2 off) and my video game addiction (Final Fantasy then Assassins Creed 3-4 then Batman Origins then Secret World then Ghost Recon Phantoms then alskdffg4345 *overdoses* .w. ) and THEN writing in my SECOND book, I have been slacking off hardcore with the comic and I r sorry. However I r doing things again.  I am trying to build up steam and get things moving as you can see here. I R DOING THINGS (continue reading...)

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Today we learn two things about Jerry. One he has a son named Markus Voxholm. Two.  The Voxholms; like the McClanes, are not a Hugging Family.

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Firstly, I am going to apologies for breaking up the story-arch like this. I am actually having a tad bit of writers block on this whole deal between Chase and John which accomplishes two things.  Give me practice for comic-violence; and show just how tough the guy in armor is. However, I have had a spurt of drawing before I even started this whole MORTIMOR IS A DOUCHE' (not really) IN GAMES Arch.   I blame Nemain and Isotope Cross for the following tale of macabre horror. (in three parts). ...also I am using Open Canvas 5.5; the comic was 'done' in the standard form I've USED to do them, but I brushed up on the comic with my new software, u like? .3.

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Everything is proceeding according to plan.

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...TO THE FACE. o3o

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I AM MULTI-TASKING WITH THE STORIES AND THE STUFF.  Inside the Comics this time. This time. Phear meh .3.

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We Learn several new things.  One; Jerry has a Baby Sister. Two He can Operate an iPhone (despite not wanting anything to do with electronics) And Three - THE EMERALD COAST PROVIDES MEDICAL INSURANCE. Supposedly. :V

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I posted this sometime last night. It did not upload as planned. WITNESS MY FAILED WEBSITE MANIPULATIONS. Cake. :V


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